Keep top candidates interested in your company

Engagement insights

Want to stop wasting your time following up with passive candidates who never respond? Glider gives you an engagement score for each invited candidate based on how active they have been with your company profile and invitation. Tailor your follow up to the most engaged candidates.

Engage with the best, instantly

Bring nimbleness and flexibility to your hiring process by using the match score to tailor your hiring strategy. Automated or semi-automated rules can be configured to provide a dynamic workflow that is most suited for that specific individual - candidates can be interviewed in person or over the phone right away, asked to take an assessment or notified that they are not an appropriate match at this point in time.

Chat instantly with prospective candidates

Glider lets your recruiting team chat with multiple candidates in parallel bringing unparalled efficiency to recruiting, while at the same time giving the candidate a more convenient way to respond and feel more engaged with the company.