A thousand resumes for a job - no problem

Effortlessly convert resumes into prospects

Simply drag and drop a resume onto Glider, and let Glider do the grunt work of parsing through the resume and populating the details about the candidate including the name, contact details, education qualifications, work experience and more. It couldn’t be easier.

Re-discover candidates

Want to make sure that you have considered every talented individual that has previously been interested in your company? Glider’s artificial intelligence engine automatically searches and recommends matching candidates for a job from the list of archived candidates who had applied for similar jobs at your company previously.

Get the candidate information you need

Get the information you need by maintaining a rich candidate profile having the candidate’s salary expectations, current offers, candidate’s skills, the time-frame to join a new job and so forth. Intuitively search for a candidate by name, email or phone number and get full details about the candidate.

Eliminate duplicate candidates

Glider intelligently detects duplicate resumes and merges the duplicate candidate profile under the original profile so that there is no duplication of data, saving you the hassle of manually purging duplicate information.