Consolidate candidates from all your favorite channels in one place.

Source from your most frequented job boards

Effortlessly drag and drop or upload the resumes you receive from multiple job boards and organize your hiring in one place. It’s that simple.

Partner with recruiting agencies like never before

Invite external recruiters to be a part of your team for specific jobs. Streamline the entire process of how recruiters source candidates and how you interact with them. Enable external teams to efficiently participate in your hiring process while protecting the privacy of your data. Provide feedback on the candidate profiles so that the recruiters have a better understanding of your needs.

Find even more great talent automagically through Glider

The Glider mobile apps help you source matching candidates by delivering your open positions right to their device. Interactive questions help gather rich information about the applicants in a casual and playful way. Powered by our unique A.I. matching technology you receive a pre-sorted list of candidates that are the best match for your job.