Create your own test from more than 40 different question types

Interactive questions

Glider gives you the power and the flexibility to structure your question in multiple ways: multiple choice, essay type question, drag and drop response, text drop down question, true or false and so forth. Just sign up and try them out.

Video response

Want to interview several candidates but don’t have enough interviewers or are you too busy at work? Simply structure an assessment with multiple questions that a candidate has to respond with a video. Now, you or your hiring manager can review the video responses of the candidates at your own pace and convenience.

Over 60 programming environments

Glider offers a clean and elegant way to compile and run the source code authored by your candidates. Glider support 60+ programming languages and many libraries.

Code Evaluation

Have your candidates write, compile and test code within Glider. Use test cases that evaluate the correctness and the efficiency of the code (CPU, memory) that they write.


Glider allows you to upload images or diagrams (interaction, schema, use case etc.) and create questions based on the diagram or image.

Audio response

Use audio response questions to get good insight into the candidate's verbal skills. Regardless of whether you are trying to see how well the candidate can explain his thought process or whether he can fit into a sales role, the audio response questions capture sufficient detail to help you make a much better assessment.

Watch & respond

Glider gives you unique ways to assess the candidate. Allowing the candidate to watch a video and respond to a set of questions around it helps in understanding the candidate's comprehension & interpretation skills.