Personality & aptitude

Comprehensive Evaluation: Test for IQ and EQ

Ability testing

Understanding a person's development potential for the future, offers some exciting opportunities to find the best candidates for your organization's long-term well-being.

Verbal aptitude tests

Want to recruit candidates for positions that involve customer interactions? A verbal aptitude test will come in handy to ensure that your potential employees have adequate language skills to communicate smartly with your customers.

Quantitative aptitude tests

Want to test your candidate’s ability to do math or looking for your next hire in accounting? A quantitative aptitude test could be useful in finding candidates who are fantastic at crunching numbers.

Personality traits

A personality assessment conducted on Glider could be a robust way to understand how well suited the candidate’s temperament is for the job, how well the candidate would collaborate with coworkers and so forth.

Leadership assessment

You can easily test the leadership skills, traits and potential of your future employees with Glider.