Assessments for every role & skill

Domain specific

Glider has assessments for various domains - programming, data science, content writing and more. New assessments are getting added all the time. Sign up and find out what assignment may be right for your needs.

Software Engineering

Use powerful coding assessments to evaluate the programming skills of your candidates. With support for over 60 programming languages and an extensive library of problems, you can assess coding, design and debugging skills.

Field & Inside Sales

Use a combination of domain specific assessments along with audio and video response questions to get a good understanding of the candidate before bringing them on for an in-person interview.


Whether you are looking to hire for product marketing or outbound marketing roles, Glider has a range of assessments that can be used to evalaute the experience and expertise of the individual.

Customer Support

Tailormade tasks such as writing support response emails and chat response can be used along with real-time video interviews to assess the candidates.