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Glider gives you the tools to attract, reach out, and find candidates from where they are. Get candidates from your favorite job boards, your website and from Glider - all in one place.


Glider’s artificial intelligence saves you from the drudgery of going through thousands of resumes. It matches the right candidate to a specific job role by comparing the candidate’s skills, education, and work experience with your needs and preferences. Easily shortlist the right candidates and customize your subsequent hiring steps.

John Farewell

Java Developer at MetaPro



Design Pattern

Match: 74%

Anna Pratt

Java Developer at FutureIT



Data Structure

Match: 81%

Jayesh Kumar

Java Developer at ORCL


Data Structure


Match: 97%


Test the work skills of your candidates in almost any discipline with the world’s most powerful assessment toolkit. Get started in minutes by leveraging our free assessments or mix and match to create your own.


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