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It's all about your goals and preferences.

Glider was conceived to solve the challenges in connecting talent with opportunity - we do this by learning about you, your background, and your aspirations. We work with you closely to take you where you want to go.

What is your approach to getting things done?
Do you value relationship or money?
A loner or conformist?
You prefer your world to be complex and unpredictable or organized and understandable?
Mac or PC?
Open office space or cubicles?
You'd be rather famous or rich?
What size company do you prefer?
You would be happier winning lottery or Nobel Prize?
How do you come across to others?
Spaces or tabs?
Waterfall or agile?
Engineering or scientific approach to getting things done?
Do you prefer team sports or solo?
Rational or emotional?
Networking makes you feel: exhausted or invigorated?
Get things done by designation or earning respect?
Do you value relationship or money?
Would you rather have stress-free job or one that is constantly challenging?
Rational or emotional?
Do you get a strong urge to help when you see someone who is upset?
When someone upsets you, you're more likely to confront them or walk away?


We will keep you posted at every step.

As your career advisor, our responsibility is to advocate on your behalf and keep the entire process transparent to you. We’ll provide concrete, actionable feedback and help at every step of the way.


Your review

Your career advisor will work with you to build a profile that's representative of your experience and skills. We find the best matching jobs out there and work with you to take it forward.

Employer review

Glider works with the employers to start a conversation with you. It gives them an opportunity to ask additional questions and get to know you better.

Next steps

Glider eases the process of engaging with the employer, whether it is screening assessments, scheduling interviews or negotiating your offer.


Confidentiality – our top priority.

We deeply value the trust you put in us with your private data. Unlike LinkedIn or other job portals, we do not let employers browse all candidates.

Secure by design

Your profile and preferences are only used by Glider for personalized recommendations delivered to you. Information is never shared with others.

Decide who can see your profile

You are always in control of who has visibility to your profile and to how much of it. Employers can only access parts of your profile and preferences that you have explicitly consented to.


We'll do all the hard work.

We know searching for a job is a full-time activity and we are here to make that effortless. Glider will - Discover, Match, Apply, and Follow up on jobs that are a perfect fit and ones that you did not even know existed. Sit back, relax, and elevate your career.

Glider Candidate

Best jobs, at your fingertips.

Glider is designed to take the stress out of your job search. Answer simple questions about your background, goals, preferences and get personalized job opportunities delivered to you.


We’ll help you land your dream job.

Your career advisor will help you take one step at a time, whether it is through a required course or an enriching side gig to get you that perfect job. Here are a select few organizations that we assist in finding great talent.

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