What Is One-Way Video Interview?

‘Interview‘- the face-to-face conversation between the candidate and the interviewer is the basic understanding that we have regarding interviews. But, traditional interviews are a thing of the past and paved a way for a new form of interview called the ‘one-way video interview‘.The newest trend in the realm of interviews is the ‘one-way video interview’. This mode […]

Ultimate Guide To Video Interviewing

Over the decade, we have witnessed the rise of video interviewing technology. The vast array of developmental technology in recruitment has swooned us all and it has a long way to go.  The inclination toward technology has made the company culture more impressive as well as positively overwhelming. As per Deloitte and Bloomberg, the entire HR software market […]

Top Trends That Will Define Staffing MSPs In 2021

The year 2020 has changed our ways of working and made us reform our old ways. The expansion of digital transformation has changed the industry altogether. With the increase in remote work, the contingent workforce has become an integral part of most companies. With over 40% of the US workforce being contingent, efficient management has become the top priority for employers. […]

Top Trends That Will Define Staffing MSP Industry In 2021

Engaging MSPs or Managed Services Providers has become a great trend for a variety of industries to outsource their day-to-day operations. A robust MSP predominantly offers a range of services and solutions in IT segments. One of the core areas of MSPs expertise is staffing or recruitment solutions. Staffing MSPs come to the rescue when it is about workforce […]

Top Trends That Changed The MSP Industry Landscape In 2020

It’s a new year and we are all excited about what it’s got for us. We are all hoping that this year will be better than the previous year. 2020 didn’t live up to our expectations. A lot of things happened in the previous year and there were some things that we cannot account for. […]

Top Recruitment Management Tools For Staffing Agencies In 2021

The recruitment cycle can be time-taking and costly. From elevating your brand image to composing sets of responsibilities and remaining in near correspondence with candidates en route, the cycle can require weeks or even a long time before a candidate is recruited. As an HR proficient, you have stores of activities on top of that […]

Staffing MSPs Guide To Selecting The Right VMS

Sherlock Holmes may be one of the greatest detectives of all time. But he couldn’t have chiseled his mystery-solving abilities without his confidant, Dr Watson. Most of the stories are narrated by Dr Watson who in the words of Sherlock Holmes was not only his best friend but the world’s best ‘consulting detective.’ Fast forward […]

Software Developer Interview- What Recruiters Must Ask

Software jobs may seem easy and facile to the untrained eyes, but recruiters have to undertake strenuous research to execute a proper interview. They need to have a firm grasp of the role and the responsibilities that are required in a job role. It is a daunting job and it takes the right plan to select the […]

Role Of AI In Staffing And Contingent Hiring

Role of AI in Staffing and Contingent Hiring The landscape of recruitment has undergone an unprecedented rapid transformation, thanks to advances in AI-based technologies and automation. Since AI can be taught to learn and work alone, it can imitate human ways while avoiding the drawbacks humans have. Automation-based hiring, through AI, is gaining ground across contemporary HR practices. Automation […]

Key Metrics For Your Contingent Workforce: Betting For The Future

This surely may sound startling, but according to a survey by Manpower, globally almost half of the employers are encountering massive obstacles to fill open positions in their organization. One of the reasons for this impediment is that there aren’t enough qualified candidates and crucial positions are being left vacant. Talent, cannot be ignored for […]

Importance Of Talent Curation & Direct Sourcing In Contingent MSP Staffing

In the world of recruitment and hiring, we hear one word constantly. Talent! Call it by any semantics… talent, hiring, staffing, or recruiting…it is one of the most critical business strategies an enterprise makes. No wonder, Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group says, “Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions, and a healthy […]

How To Improve Employee Engagement Among Your Contingent Workforce

Call it the gig economy or agile talent, contingency arrangement, etc. It is playing a significant role in global business. Did you know that 30% of companies are keen to replace full-time employees with contingent workers by 2030. According to Alex Manos, CEO of Beverly Hills Car Club, contingent talent brings invaluable expertise in niche jobs that full-time […]

How To Ensure Contingent Workers Align With Your Company Culture

Contingent staffing is the way of the future. Studies from SIA estimate global businesses spent $4.4 trillion on contingent hiring processes in 2020 ($1.3 trillion in the US alone!). But a recent survey from Allegis Global Solutions reported that at least 55% of the companies struggle with how to manage contingent staffing agencies, while 47% have issues surrounding Statement of […]

How To Avoid The Top 5 Common Contingent Workforce Management Mistakes

The apparent work culture change over the years has greatly impacted the recruitment methodology. While the right fit of candidates can prove phenomenal for a business, the slightest negativity in employee folks can burden and derail an organization. Hence, recruitment is no more a cool game and the ever-changing trends in the market are grueling. […]

How Contractors Have Made Themselves A Viable Option For Large Companies

ompanies have never invested as much money in hiring new employees as they do today. This would mean that they are doing it well, right? Wrong. Businesses have never done a poor job of hiring people. Even though the process has been constantly upgraded and “perfected”, the results show that these practices aren’t working out. […]

Holiday Hiring With One-Way Video Interviews

Holiday hiring is the time to hire new employees. Holiday seasonal jobs can be a stressful time for the recruiters and everyone involved in the hiring process. Screening, assessing, interviewing and employee onboarding surely take a lot out of you. In this blog, we shall cover the following: Problems faced by Recruiters Recruiters face a lot of problems […]

Hiring Freelancers Vs Full-Time Developers – Points To Consider

IT companies have greater challenges today than ever before. The competition is constantly getting tougher, which is why every company strives to develop the perfect software solutions to beat the competition. This is why you need to hire experienced, competent, and hardworking developers. However, apart from these factors, there is another point that must be […]

Four Elements Of Contingent Hiring

The contingency workforce is quickly becoming the largest human capital in the world. Many studies point towards an increasing trend in the freelance economy. By 2050, contingent talent will comprise 50% of the total U.S workforce. For example, according to Foo See Yang, Country Head at Persolkelly, at least 58% of companies are embracing gig economy in the APAC […]

Five Questions To Ask During Technical Interviews

The world of the online interview has arrived. Technical interviews are becoming hard to stay on top of new technologies and learn how to apply them to your workflow. If you are seeking a job in the IT industry, you will know what we are talking about. Landing a job in an IT company is rather difficult. […]

Don’t Ever Do This In An Interview (Five No-Nos)

Adding video interviews to your recruitment process brings in a lot of benefits. Because technical interviews are not like any other, candidates have a lot of ground to cover. It also needs to encounter all sorts of fun and engaging questions. Your impression of how working in the IT industry looks may be quite different than it is in reality.  This is why we […]

Differences Between Contingency Recruiting And Retained Recruitment

When looking for a recruitment company, there are many things to be considered. One of the most common dilemmas organizations have is whether they should rely on a contingency or retained basis recruitment agreement. These are the two most important categories of recruiters out there. Finding great talent for a certain company can be difficult. […]

Contingent Workforce Hiring Best Practices

It is not a secret that the contingent workforce has become one of the leading labor forces over the years. With the advent of remote work due to the pandemic, the need for contractual workers has increased. This necessity for contingent workers has increased the urgency for contingent hiring as well. According to the US Bureau of […]

Contingent Staffing: Benefits Of Phone Screening

Businesses all around the world are forever looking for a competitive advantage and hiring is not an exception. Thanks to phone screening, hiring contingent staff has become easy and simple to discern your best candidates. Contingent staffing requires a proper screening of your applicants. One of the best ways to do that is by phone screening. A simple […]

Conducting Job Interviews During A Pandemic

One-way video interview during the recent pandemic is a good thing, believe it or not. Quite a lot of job interviews can be given from the comfort of your own home. What are the post-Covid recruitment strategies? Let’s take a look. The benefits of Remote or Live Video Interviews are plentiful. Although you may feel that nothing can […]

Benefits Of Using One-Way Video Interviews In Your Contingent Staffing Process

The rise of contingent workers has been flourishing since the start of the century. As per CNBC, the contingent workforce has added six million people since 2010 and it is still expanding. Though contingent worker meaning remains the same, but the challenges in hiring them have increased. Some of the challenges in contingent staffing are: There are a lot of […]

Benefits Of Having Online Assessments In Contingent Staffing Process

A contingent workforce is a fundamental piece of the universe of work, influencing firms to gather information, make esteem, and build up the upper hand. Online assessments have just made hiring the contingent workforce a lot easier. In fact, for many tech hiring companies, online assessments are the need of the hour.   “Nearly 4 out of 5 employers, in establishments […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Contingent Hiring

Contingent hiring is paramount in the talent acquisition industry in the current times of the unpredictable market. The workforce constituted a staggering 35% of the total workforce (2021) in the U.S. Insights from the U.S Gig Economy 2021 Edition say contingent workers generated $1.3 trillion in revenue last year. What is Contingent Hiring? The contingent workforce is […]

7 Statistics And Data Points You Should Be Aware Of If You Intend To Hire Contractors

Gone are the days when getting a job usually meant working from 9 to 5. These days, a huge number of people have embraced the gig economy, that is, working a job or a project for a specific period of time. Many are even turning to gig jobs as a second income source, as they’re […]

5 Things You Should Know About Contingent Hiring

The recruitment landscape is witnessing a huge surge in contingent hiring since 2019. The employment trajectory from various surveys report that the U.S job market will consist at least 50% of contingent workforce by 2050. According to Statista , the projected gross volume of the gig economy will reach $455.2 bn by next year, 2023. The study shows […]

5 Takeaways From The Contingent Program DE&I Q&A: Going Beyond The Hype

How to go beyond the hype of DE&I for contingent programs Guest post written by Priya Dixit, Marketing Intern at Glider AI and student at Pomona College. We hosted a live Q&A webinar with DE&I leaders Wen Stenger, CEO of Omni Inclusive, Angela Alberty, CBO of myBasePay, and Satish Kumar, CEO of Glider.ai. They shared their […]

5 Takeaways From The Contingent Program DE&I Q&A: Going Beyond The Hype

How to go beyond the hype of DE&I for contingent programs Guest post written by Priya Dixit, Marketing Intern at Glider AI and student at Pomona College. We hosted a live Q&A webinar with DE&I leaders Wen Stenger, CEO of Omni Inclusive, Angela Alberty, CBO of myBasePay, and Satish Kumar, CEO of Glider.ai. They shared their […]
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