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UI Strategist Skills Test 

UI Strategist Skills Test Overview  A UI Strategist does the same just like Iron Man created Jarvis UI from his imagination. They know that a roadmap for a user-centric experience does not just interface but also usability and adoption.  The broad role of a UI Strategist combines many jobs depending on product design and usability.  […]

Top HR Technology Trends In 2021

2021 was an exciting year, resplendent with HR technology and tools. Terms like AI, ML, NLP, cloud, talent, analytics, well-being, etc. became popular buzzwords at the workplace.  For the unversed, HR technology or Workforce management technology is an all-inclusive term that refers to automated tools and technologies adopted by human resources in day-to-day functions. As a result, HR leaders are able to make better […]

Staffing Industry & Recruiting Events

Events, Q&A Sessions, Live and On-Demand The ultimate resource for recruiters, talent acquisition leaders, and hiring managers for upcoming and past industry events, webinars, Q&A sessions with thought leaders and more. Check back often to see what event is next on the list!  Upcoming Events LIVE Q&A: June 28, 2022, 11 am EST Enterprise Security […]

Top 5 Things Recruiters Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving!

The Halloween pumpkin is gone only to be replaced by the much-awaited Thanksgiving Turkey! Bring out the harvest moon tales and fire up the oven! What are you most thankful for? We did a quick survey of what recruiters were most thankful for this Thanksgiving and here they are: Work from home: Cosy and traffic […]

Best Practices In Candidate Evaluation Technology Adoption

Recruitment and staffing industries invest tremendously in talent assessment practices. While every business enterprise competes with the best hiring methodologies to attract the best talent quality from the job market, they also fall short on certain assessment practices and data-driven technologies. Our latest blog on best practices on candidate assessment technology gives a sneak peek […]

Glider And WillHire, Talent Curation For Enterprises

Challenges of Talent Pool in Contingent Workforce The year 2020 has been transformative across industries, ushering in new trends and accelerating business models’ adoption ahead of predicted timelines. In light of this rapidly shifting market, the recruitment industry has seen an increased focus on workforce agility. Companies are increasingly moving towards flexible talent to address […]

DE&I: LGBTQ+ Student Scholarship

GOAL+ DE&I Scholarship for LGBTQ+ Students Omni Inclusive, myBasePay, and Glider AI partner on a scholarship fund “GOAL+” to support marginalized LGBTQ+ college students.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) has become one of the most popular conversation points in both personal and professional circles. Despite much progress, many DE&I groups especially marginalized LGBTQ+ people, continue to […]

5 Takeaways From The Contingent Program DE&I Q&A: Going Beyond The Hype

How to go beyond the hype of DE&I for contingent programs Guest post written by Priya Dixit, Marketing Intern at Glider AI and student at Pomona College. We hosted a live Q&A webinar with DE&I leaders Wen Stenger, CEO of Omni Inclusive, Angela Alberty, CBO of myBasePay, and Satish Kumar, CEO of They shared their […]

Key Trends In Talent Assessment – Step Up Your Recruiting Game For 2022 And Beyond!

Talent assessment, recruitment, and retention have drastically altered over the years. Employee management is rapidly shifting and transforming to meet future challenges and emerging trends in recruitment. Disruptive technologies such as AI & Big Data are driving talent acquisition and making it far more captivating than ever. With the dynamic trends in hiring, there is the utmost need for agencies and enterprises […]

How Proctoring Works In Protecting Test Integrity

Proctoring has gained immense demand nowadays, thanks to remote hiring and virtual interviews. Be it academic examinations or job interviews, many institutions and organizations rely on proctoring. As proctoring works in protecting test integrity, it has become the ultimate tech platform that conducts tests and assessments anywhere and anytime.   Proctoring ensures integrity and prevents cheating while pledging to the total privacy of the test candidates.  […]

Blockchain Project Manager Interview Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Recruiting and Hiring a Blockchain Project Manager Why Hire a Blockchain Project Manager?   Blockchain as an ideology has stirred interest and investments around the world. As per Gartner, Blockchain is rapidly venturing into experimental and small-scope projects. This trend will be fully scalable by 2023.   Thanks to Blockchain, the standard ‘norms’ […]
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