Top 10 Workation Destinations of 2021

Top 10 Workation Destinations of 2021

Most Preferred Workation Destinations of 2021 

Workation is the newest trend that has growing momentum. Add remote work and workation becomes easy. In the words of Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO, workations are producing a “great convergence” of work and life.  

What is a Workation?  

Simply said, it is a made-up word or a portmanteau of work and vacation. It means one can travel while still being at work. Workations are blurring the solid lines between jobs and leisure.  

That being said, a workation can be as short as a week or a month long. There’s no fixed number for this interesting trend. 

How does Workation work? 

As per Holidu’s Workation Index, a country or a city becomes a ‘workation spot’ if it qualifies across three broad categories: 

  • Quality of life 
  • Climate and Environment, and 
  • Costs and Safety 

The Travel Magazine also offers full-fledged data on multiple factors in each category. We have compiled the list to present you with the top 10 workation destinations of 2021.  

  1. Bangkok: One of the most affordable cities in the world, the capital of Thailand is welcoming and aptly named the ‘World’s Best City for Workation’ by a huge number of travel advisor websites including TAT. Though populous, the city is abuzz with affordable cost of living, Wi-fi speed, and a high quality of life. 
  2. New Delhi: The capital city of India is not just an epicenter of history, culture, and politics, but has everything to make your workation remarkable. Besides being affordable, New Delhi is home to abundant co-working spaces that come on an affordable budget as well.  
  3. Lisbon: Portugal’s capital and also the first European city to feature in the list. Lisbon has everything you can have on your out-of-office bucket list. There are well-equipped home office arrangements in every neighborhood. Also, who can forget the liveliness and delicious local cuisines too! 
  4. Barcelona: Your mix of office and vacation will be a step extra if you choose Spain’s most exciting city. Remote working is an easy breeze for professional nomads. Turisme de Barcelona and Barcelona Provincial Council have launched the Barcelona Workation Programme to leverage the trending demand. 
  5. Buenos Aries: The most popular city of Latin America is the capital of Argentina. The city is also referred to as the “Paris of South America” as it has the best of both worlds – business and pleasure. Buenos Aries  also boasts strong WiFi connections and affordable accommodation.  

    “Changing the work environment brings out fresh perspectives, with workations proving  especially useful for brainstorming or strategic sessions,” Inga Romanovskienė, General Manager,  Go Vilnius 

  6. Budapest: A heaven for coffee lovers, the Hungarian capital is also called the hub for free-spirited, and innovative people. Though it has less annual sunshine, the city scores in workation factors like remote connection, food, co-working spaces and others. 
  7. Mumbai: India’s financial capital is also a budget-friendly workation destination. The city is on the shores of the Arabian sea but is also surrounded by hill stations. This makes it a perfect spot to work while having a good eye for adventure and tours. 
  8. Istanbul: The city is technically on two continents – Asia and Europe. The uniqueness is also reflected in many opportunities like earning in Euros while spending in Lira. Additionally, the scenic capital of Turkey is inspirational for creative people like artists, musicians, authors, and likewise. Unsurprisingly, #Istanbul is one of the top travel hashtags on Instagram. 
  9. Bucharest: The laid-back capital of Romania has seen a huge comeback very recently. Thanks to the workation trend, the city has everything for remote workers, from the fastest internet connection to cheap transportation facilities and local beer that can be bargained! 
  10. Phuket: Thailand’s second most popular city is also an immensely popular workation destination. le the cultural hotspot may not offer a strong internet speed, it surely ranks better in terms of affordability, food, climate, and other workation determinants.  

Workations are certainly not a short-term fad. They will be here for a long while even after the pandemic is gone. The trend has already given rise a good number of startups around the world. 

Have you been on a workation? If not, what is your dream workation spot? We would like to hear about it. Please drop your replies in the comments below. 

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