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Demand for Software developers is projected to grow 21% by 2028. What are the reasons for this whooping demand? How should you hire a software developer ? 

Finding great developers is difficult, but we have made it easy just for you. Take a look at our tech talent hiring guide for software developers to access ready-to use job description, KPIs, interview questions, salary insights and more.

Who is a Software Developer?  

Software developers are the creative force behind computer programs of all kinds. They design and write the code used to build everything from operating systems to apps to video games. The role is involved in every stage of the software development process, right from discovering users’ needs and their usage to rolling out a completed application. Though developers do all the coding themselves, sometimes they need to collaborate with computer programmers.

If you ask the difference between a software developer vs software engineer, then the former works on a smaller scale than engineers. They focus on niche areas  like mobile applications or IoT (Internet of Things) . On the other hand, the latter focus on a big picture that includes data analytics, testing, and scaling in addition to programming. However, there’s an overlap between these two roles occasionally.

Source: appinventiv

Chief Research Officer at CompTIA, Tim Herbett says that the spike in developers jobs is an indication that there is a growing demand for them and this has led to the ‘war for talent.’

Why is this role in high demand?

According to the latest report on the “State of Software Engineers”, the demand for software developers has doubled since 2021. For example, more organizations are hiring full stack developers to maximize the engineering team’s efficiency and also to reduce team fluctuations. 

On the same lines, Owen Hughes, Senior Editor at ZDnet says that tech companies added 22,800 jobs just in the first quarter of 2022. Among this, the total number of advertisements for software developers and engineers rose to 204,084. 

 The U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the growth of the Software Development job market at 22%  between 2020 and 2030. As per a survey by Stack Overflow Developer Survey in 2021, more than 50% of the respondents termed themselves as full- stack developers. 

Average pay

As per Glassdoor estimates, the national average of a Software Developer salary  in the USA is $97,763 per year with an added compensation between $1,252 – $24,434.

Sample KPIs:

Software Development  is full of BROAD careers. Companies specifically look for ‘performers’ rather than just ‘tags.’ Here are some of the KPIs that help us measure the success of a Software Developer in an organization.

  1. Velocity wrt team goals
  2. Sprint Burndown
  3. Release Burndown
  4. Cycle Time
  5. Cumulative Flow
  6. Flow efficiency 
  7. Code coverage wrt quality
  8. Code stability
  9. Code simplicity
  10. Code churn

Job Description

A DevOps Testing professional works in an Agile environment along with CI/CD. But what does a Software Developer’s  job description look like? We’ve covered them all in this template:

  1. Work on Software Validation relating to Core Application/Base SW/Distributions of automotive IoT.
  2. Perform test plan, test Creation, and Test Framework Integration
  3. Conduct Acceptance Testing, Automated Tests, Function Testing, Remote Monitoring
  4. Perform manual and automated End-2-End tests system’s verification.
  5. Provide support for product validation, prototypes and MVPs.
  6. End to end testing for the products,that include usage of hardware test setups.
  7. Advise teams around testing and solve queries in an automotive IoT environment 
  8. Design, develop and maintain tests as part of the product team, ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction.
  9. Collaborate with stakeholders to define the best test automation strategies.
  10. Take an active role in daily scrums, weekly grooming sessions, etc.

Interview Questions

Sourced from many job websites, these are some of the most asked questions in a software developer interview. The questions should be as such that they evaluate the candidate’s proficiency based on all the responsibilities as per the company.

  1. Please write a function to compute the Nth Fibonacci number.
  2. Is unit testing essential or just a waste of time? Why do you think so?
  3. What is your familiarity with OOPs?
  4. Describe big-O notation in simple terms
  5. What aspects do you consider when reviewing a team member’s code?
  6. How do you ensure Quality and fix Errors simultaneously?
  7. Which language is the most preferred in Software development?
  8. How would you plan to scale access to a system like Twitter? 
  9. What are the advantages of Balanced Tree Sort?
  10. What is meant by a Non-Functional Requirement ?

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Best practices for hiring Software Developer

The demand for Software Developers is at an all time high. However, acute talent crunch is creating a talent war between companies to source and hire the best quality candidates. Do you know that  even hiring managers are perplexed about the right type of assessments for the role? 

Many video interviews suggest that recruiters are struggling to find quality talent for the role as it is full of new joinees. While there is an acute talent shortage due to inadequate skills and experience, it must also be noted that most employers are still stuck in the traditional methods of hiring.

Hiring red flags like over-reliance on credentials than competencies and lack of advanced evaluation tools in skill assessments have severely limited the talent pool.

On the other hand, recruitment software like Glider AI takes candidate evaluation to the next level. Through a structured and standardized process, interviews are made candidate-friendly and also accurately assess skills and competencies. Hiring is not only bias-free but evaluated on real-world scenarios as well.

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