Popular Workplace Productivity Playlist of 2021

The workplace and music have been best friends for good reason. Numerous studies suggest music makes work more effective. In a recent Spotify survey, 61 percent of respondents agreed that listening to music during work boosted their productivity and happiness. And, more than 90 percent of respondents said music was their top productivity tool. 

So, let’s look back at the most popular workplace songs of 2022. 

  1. Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday: This popular song by The Greg Mayo Band was originally released in 1967,  co-written and sung by William Bell. This “old school” track remains a classic as it lifts your spirit and tells you to enjoy every moment in the world. The song was also featured in the movie, “The Repo Man.” 
  2. I Just Wanna Shine: A song that radiates good vibes! The band, Fitz and Tantrums release the hit in 2019. The official video is not only beautiful but carries a meaningful message. Anyone who comes across the song surely makes it their favorite jam. 
  3. Leave Before Love Me: The perfect song you listen to on repeat. Performed by Marshmello and the Jonas Brothers, the collab is a mixture of emotions while refreshing at the same time. The only thing it lacks is an extended version! 
  4. Bad Habits: It’s hard to get tired of Ed Sheeran’s music. Though you might be familiar with his ‘perfect’ songs, Bad Habits brings a juxtaposition of Ed’s personality from gothic to a colorful vampire fantasy. Listen once and you’ll hum the tune throughout the day. 
  5. Lil Bit: A fun mashup between a bit of hip hop and a country beat that makes you get up and shake a leg. Performed by duo Nelly and Florida Georgia Line, “Lil Bit” gives a nod to diversity and how impactful converging ideas and lyrics can become.  

          “Our clients have told us that it’s increased their productivity when they’ve had the right  music playing in the office, in terms of staff motivation.” – Alex Hill, Head of Music and  Operations, MAV Music 

  6. I Wish You Love this Christmas: Festive and emotional, this track is a new Christmas classic that you can’t get out of your head. The artist couple, Haley and Michaels named one of Rolling Stone’s “Artists You Need to Know” tell everything you need to do at Christmas. 
  7. Easy on Me: One of Adele’s biggest hit tracks is filled with melancholy, memories, emotions, and struggles we all go through. The masterpiece ballad is a perfect yet haunting combo of piano and bass drum. It is also the most played song in U.S.radio history. 
  8. Run: The super fun song by OneRepublic is creative in so many ways. Be it lyrics, rhythm, or even choreography, the music is contagious. Once you play it you can’t help but replay it whether it is to help you pick up the pace and hit a deadline, or a simple pick me up.   
  9. Heat Waves: The British band, Glass Animals wrote and shot this song during the pandemic. Though it has a melancholic theme, it tells you it’s okay to let a few things go. The song became an instant hit after it was featured on FIFA 21 original soundtrack. 
  10. You Should Probably Leave: Last, but not least, Chris Stapleton’s smooth and soulful number became an instant classic in 2021. Thanks to the opening instrumental melody, the song makes you feel good at your work. 

The list doesn’t end here. There are many other songs that kept us excited and inspired at the workplace. Scientists say a same music can have different influences on different individuals. What was your ‘Power Song’ in 2021? We would love to know. Please drop them in comments. 

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The year 2021 is certainly filled with hopes, surprises and optimism.   Also, we can’t wait to make 2022 the best hiring decisions year ever. Make it count with Glider. Put your hiring on autopilot and turn talent quality into your reality. 

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