Most In-Demand Jobs of 2021

Most In-Demand Jobs of 2021

With 2021 at its close and the beckoning of the new year, take a stroll down memory lane with Glider’s recap of things that shaped the staffing and recruiting industry, including trends and some things you may have missed.

2021 normalized virtual and remote work and opened the world to a truly global workforce, resulting in a hiring frenzy for many roles. Here’s a look at the most in-demand roles for 2021, based on LinkedIn’s Economic Graph.

  1. Frontline Ecommerce Worker:   Global e-commerce is growing like never before. Naturally, the career opportunities exploding. Jobs in logistics and supply chain management, along with packaging and transportation have observed a 73 percent annual growth rate.
  2. Loan and Mortgage Expert: 2020 saw a 59 percent hiring increase compared to 2019. This growth continued in 2021.  Low-interest rates and the rollout of Paycheck Protection Program loans contributed to the massive hiring need. Underwriting, risk management, and credit analysis job roles saw the biggest increase.
  3. Health Care Support Staff: No other industry is carrying the burden of the Covid pandemic like health care. Consequently, demand continues to grow. The system needs more people in supporting roles like health care assistants, dental assistants, technicians, and more.
  4. Business Development and Sales Professionals: While the pandemic put the world in a tumultuous situation, jobs that steer business strategy and revenue saw a huge rebound. Positions like sales consultancy or operations are now a requirement to help business rebound from the pandemic.
  5. Workplace Diversity Expert: Organizations are explicitly speaking about workplace diversity. They need diversity experts of all kinds to honor human capital. Coincidingly, 2021 witnessed growth in roles like diversity manager, diversity outreach advisor, educator, etc. to improve diversity metrics.

    “When I see companies that for generations were nowhere on the battlefield when it comes to DE&I now making real commitments … it makes me feel really hopeful.”
    Gene Waddy, CEO, DIVERSANT LLC.

  6. Digital Marketing Professionals: The world is connected better only due to digital marketing professionals. Thank an SEO specialist or a social media manager who makes your online presence better. Hiring for marketing experts is growing at 33 percent YoY and saw more job roles correspondingly.
  7. Nurses: The pillars of the healthcare system are in huge demand around the world. The need is driven largely by Covid and also due to an aging  population around the world. Demand for roles like nurse practitioner, intensive care nurse etc. has grown by 30 percent since 2020.
  8. Education Professionals: Differentiated teaching methodologies like online has changes and refined the way schools and colleges operate. In addition to teachers, 2021 also witnessed growth in roles like curriculum developer, subject matter expert, teaching assistant among others.
  9. Digital Content Creator: Digital streaming content along with social media (Hello Tik Tok and Instagram!) has no time to look back. Like never before, jobs like social influencers, podcasters, content creators, bloggers continue to grow at more than 49 percent YoY.
  10. Professional and Personal Coach: If you are one of those people who love transforming people or organizations, then you have just carved a career for yourself in 2021. Coaching-based jobs in industries like fitness, social media, business need people who can revive, refine and transform their business strategies.

The year 2021 is certainly filled with hopes, surprises and we are eager to make 2022 the year of best hiring decisions. Make it count with Glider. Put your hiring on autopilot and turn talent quality into your reality.

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