Glider product update

Glider Product Updates: September 2020

Another month and another set of new and exciting features to make your Glider experience more rewarding.

Check out our newly added features and learn how they further simplify and safeguard your hiring process.

This release accommodates some important features for customers quickly. The areas touched are account security, candidate attempt, integrations and few bug fixes. The details are given below:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Glider product update

Glider is stepping up its account security and, in the process, we have introduced multi-factor authentication which is a two-step verification process to authenticate your Glider access.

You will be sent a verification code after you verify your email and password. Please ensure you have access to your registered email id when you access the account.

The two-step verification will be done every 24 hrs, however, if you wish the application to remember the device please check the box “Remember this device for 14 days”. The process has to be repeated after 14 days!

Please ensure the following to have uninterrupted access to your Glider account:

  1. The accounts you use have valid email ids.
  2. You have access to your email when you try logging in to your account.
  3. If you are using a colleague’s account, please request an account for yourself.

With this newly added Glider user authentication feature, you can be assured that your account and hiring data stays safe and secure at all times.

Note: External reviewers, External interviewers, Ops accounts, Glider admins, and Assessment authors have been excluded from the multiple authentication process.

For the existing users, we will enable multiple factor authentication on the 7th September. If any of the customers do not wish to enable this feature, it can be disabled from the back-end.

Ability to Manage Email Templates

Your Glider account now comes with an added feature to set different email templates for reminding candidates about completing their assessments, with greater ease. Another brand new email template that we bring to you in this release is a ‘disqualification’ email template that Glider account holders will now have access to, and can choose to use.

Ability to Navigate Between Questions for Candidates

Glider product update

Candidate much requested feature is now live!
Candidates will now see a button Jump to Qs in the header of the assessment which will help them navigate to any question within the assessment. Candidates can also choose to answer by question types – such as ‘Essay Type’, ‘General Programming’ questions, etc. Additionally, candidates can ‘flag’ questions and choose to answer flagged questions later.

The statuses of the questions are color coded for the candidate to easily identify the flagged or skipped questions.

Key points to note:

  1. For a section level assessment, the jump to questions option will be available within the section only.
  2. For a question level timed assessment, this option will not be available.
  3. Since video questions are mandatory, when the candidate lands on the video question the candidate will not be able to navigate to any question until the question is attempted.

Glider - iCIMS Live Video Interview Integration

Glider product update

Enhancing the existing assessment integration with iCIMS, Glider now supports Live Interview scheduling through iCIMS. The interview can be directly scheduled on iCIMS, an email will be sent to both the Interviewer and Candidate. Once the interview is completed the status and interview report URL are updated in iCIMS. Mutual customers of iCIMS and Glider can take advantage of the assessments and live interview standard integration.

Bug Fixes

  1. Skip and retry option in video questions – Video questions being mandatory, there were instances where the candidates faced genuine technical issues and were unable to proceed. To enable candidates stuck due to technical issues from Glider’s end, we have given the option to Skip the video question.
  2. Separate User ID’s for content team members – content team members will now have separate user ids for the assessment account.
  3. Search Button not working in interview – The issues in search functionality in interview have been fixed.
  4. Interview Scheduling – The Schedule button greying out when consecutive interviews are scheduled has been fixed.

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