Seasonal Hiring through AI-based tools

Do Seasonal Hiring Right With AI-based Tool

Holidays are meant to be fun and exciting. While some love to wrap themselves in shopping and gifts, others love to make some quick money through seasonal jobs. Yes, the beauty of holidays lies in chasing our dreams and accomplishing what we always dreamt about. The job market is indeed is vibrant during holidays. But, with so much talent buzzing around, how do companies get it right when it comes to seasonal hiring? The answer lies in AI. As irresistible as it is, AI-based recruitment tools can come to the rescue in making the right choice for seasonal hiring.  

As a part of our ‘seasonal hiring series blogs’, we will cover all aspects of doing the seasonal hiring right with AI-based tools. Let’s take a look at it right now.

Seasonal Hiring – What it is?

Like the name suggests, seasonal hiring is strikingly opposite to permanent hiring. While an employee is hired for full-time in permanent recruitment, a seasonal employee works for only a limited duration or working hours for an organization. Also called as holiday hiring, many employees are hired particularly during holidays to manage the holiday shopping surge. Their duration of employment ceases to exist once the holiday season comes to an end.

To define it in the words of  Affordable Care Act (ACA), a seasonal employee is “an employee who is hired into a position for which the customary annual employment is six months or less and for which the period of employment begins each calendar year in approximately the same part of the year, such as summer or winter.”

In short, a seasonal employee is one who is hired for a position that lasts for six months or less than that and he/she works no more than 35 hours and/or less than six months in the year.

What Sectors Go for Seasonal Hiring?

Well, the answer is long and exhaustive. Generally, seasonal employees in the US are hired from October to December, every year. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, holiday employment typically sees a surge in seasonal jobs in the following eight retail industries:

  • Furniture and home furnishing
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Health and personal care
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Sporting goods, hobby, books and music
  • General merchandise
  • Miscellaneous
  • Non store retailers

Traditionally, retail and trade-related sectors hire for seasonal jobs to manage the rise in holiday sales. Thanks to intense competition and shopping that happen during holiday sales, seasonal hiring is also rapidly gaining momentum in marketing, social media, and technology domains too. Skilled and talented candidates in these areas are of utmost necessary to drive:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Creatives
  • Social media
  • Budgets
  • Employer branding
  • Customer experience
  • Website management
  • Tech support

In the era of gig-economy, seasonal hiring is a pure bliss for those who are planning to make some quick money and get a job experience. No wonder teens, students, interns, freelancers and even veterans are actively pursuing seasonal jobs in holidays and vacations.

How to Reap the Best out of Seasonal Hiring?

Trust us, there is no magic trick for this. Every business that goes for seasonal hiring needs to have thorough planning, well in advance on hiring the best talent to manage the business surge, customer footfall, ad campaigns, and whatnot. Thanks to AI-based recruitment platforms, many organizations are able to manage the sales rush in holiday seasons like a breeze.

Automation and technology reduce manual load and therefore divert a lot of resources for productive tasks besides introducing significant enhancements in the hiring domain. Through vast amount of data reflecting on a potential applicant’s activities and behavioral patterns, AI enhances the quality of seasonal hiring process from sourcing to onboarding.

Some of the great ways of doing the seasonal hiring right with AI-based tools are:

Sourcing Candidates: AI-based tools can be designed to source those candidates who are actively looking for seasonal or gig jobs. For example, ATS or Application Tracking System can rank each candidate for seasonal hiring in real-time through analytic mechanisms. This is done through compliance with the company’s mandates and regulations.

Bulk Hiring: High-volume hiring is always a challenge in seasonal jobs. The tedious manual process is taking taken care by AI. Through usage of time-tested hiring strategies like ‘quality first’, talent curation, predictive analytics, and talent vetting, large-scale seasonal hiring can be easily accomplished by recruitment automation tools.

Quick Hiring: Unlike their human counterparts, AI can work in a jiff. It can fast-track through thousands of resumes and shortlist the accurate profiles. This can alleviate the rest of the hiring process to gain speed and thus candidates can be hired really quickly.

Quality Talent: The ‘War for Talent’ is real and seasonal hiring is not an exception.  In this regard, AI tools can assess a candidate’s talent and ethics through phone screen interviews, NLPs, assessments, and simulations. For example, proctored-based tests and interviews can eliminate fraudulent candidates through behavior checks and assessments.

Reduced Cost-to-Hire: By reduced cost-to-hire, we mean resources beyond money like time, energy, productivity, and other overheads. Companies can quickly attain economies of scale in hiring (permanent and seasonal) through AI tools. Many studies have reported that companies have reduced their cost by over 30 percent through recruitment automation.

Customized Job Postings: Unlike FTE or permanent hiring, seasonal hiring needs to have a niche description prioritizing on job category or gig, duration, wage, and other specifications. By this, candidates can have clear expectations about their role and needs. On top of that, AI can assist in accurate talent hiring through sourcing candidates from right sources.

Bias-free Hiring: Holiday hiring is the best opportunity for businesses to demonstrate diversity and inclusiveness in the workforce through aggregating data-points from candidate profiles and powerful talent analytics, AI tools can eliminate conscious and unconscious hiring bias and help match right candidates against the right jobs and nothing else can come in between.

Seasonal Hiring with

Talent intelligence companies like are among the most popular AI-based recruitment platforms when it comes to addressing the hiring needs of a company. True to the promise of putting talent quality on autopilot, Glider’s AI tools ensure that the client’s hiring needs are well taken care of, by putting quality first among everything else. Products like phone screens, interactive assessments, virtual interviews, proctoring, and smart integrations not only simplify the hiring process but also enhance candidate experience like never before.

Apart from catering to different types of hiring needs and roles like full-time or seasonal/contingent, tech or non-tech, Glider’s AI-based platform also serve to different industries from tech to functional and sales roles as well. It’s a little surprise that Glider is a trusted partner for acclaimed enterprises, MSPs and staffing agencies.

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