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DevOps and Testing have been best friends for a long time. In fact, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are closely combined with automation testing ( DevOps). While DevOps testing is a critical opportunity for faster releases with a focus on QA (Quality Automation).

As businesses transition from agile to DevOps to Continuous Delivery, the demand for DevOps Testing professionals has surged. DevOps  testing these days focuses on automating testing processes to ensure seamless and effective software delivery.

Finding  quality talent for DevOps Testing role can be daunting if you don’t have an extensive skill evaluation based hiring process in place. In this blog we will share job description, interview questions, KPIs, salary benchmarks and more to make your DevOps testing role hiring process easier and efficient.

What is DevOps Testing?  

A DevOps Testing role is different from a traditional testing role. They are incharge of transferring fresh QA development code into the production environment along with the DevOps teams. Most of their skills and expertise are leveraged in test automation and test strategies definition besides finding the test scope as well.

Though the area is still in ‘developing mode’, Steven Anderson, CEO and Co-founder of Sirrus7 says, “A successful  hybrid between DevOps and testing is where QA is directly embedded into the sprint team or the scrum team and the team is involved from the get-go.” According to him, they get the user’s story as they write test cases.”

Generally, they are hired in those organizations that have dynamic release cycles and uphold QA testing across all stages. 

Why is this role in high demand?

As a culture, DevOps philosophy is rapidly being adapted for testing. DevOps’ secret ingredients lie in test-driven development approach and continuous testing in many organizations, says Erica Chickowski, Business and Technology writer. In her exact words, DevOps Testing has always held responsibility for the care and feeding of the tests in a majority of cases.

Secure Technology Leader and Research at New Context, Andrew Storms notes that DevOps Engineers have always been performing testing since day one. They won’t pass a function until it is without errors. In this sense, DevOps have been testers in reality. 

According to an industry analysis by Grand View Research, the DevOps market size is expected to grow annually by 18.60% by 2025.

Average pay

As per Glassdoor estimates, the national average salary for a DevOps Testing in the USA is $1,05,428 per year with an added compensation between $2,573 – $30,357.

Sample KPIs:

DevOps Testing is all about delivering value and release timelines.  Here are some of the KPIs that help us measure the success of DevOps Testing in an organization.

  1. Automatable Test Cases
  2. Automation Script Effectiveness
  3. Automation Pass Rate
  4. Automation Execution Time
  5. Automation Test Coverage
  6. Automation Stability
  7. Build Stability
  8. In-sprint Automation
  9. Automation Progress
  10. Automation Pyramid

Job Description

DevOps Testing works in an Agile environment along with CI/CD. But what does a DevOps Tester’s  job description look like? We’ve covered them all in this template:

  1. Work on Software Validation relating to Core Application/Base SW/Distributions of automotive IoT.
  2. Perform test plan, test Creation, and Test Framework Integration
  3. Conduct Acceptance Testing, Automated Tests, Function Testing, Remote Monitoring
  4. Perform manual and automated End-2-End tests system’s verification.
  5. Provide support for product validation, prototypes and MVPs.
  6. End to end testing for the products,that include usage of hardware test setups.
  7. Advise teams around testing and solve queries in an automotive IoT environment 
  8. Design, develop and maintain tests as part of the product team, ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction.
  9. Collaborate with stakeholders to define the best test automation strategies.
  10. Take an active role in daily scrums, weekly grooming sessions, etc.

Interview Questions

Sourced from many job websites, these are some of the most asked questions for a DevOps Testing role. The questions should evaluate the candidate’s proficiency based on all the responsibilities as per the company.

Make use of them or even create your own for a face-to-face or video interview process.

  1. How does DevOps differ from Agile methodology?
  2. What are the different phases of DevOps Testing?
  3. What is Jenkins? What is its role in automation testing?
  4. Are Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery one and the same?
  5. What are Anti Patterns in DevOps? Name some of them
  6. What certifications are necessary to become a DevOps Testing Professional?
  7. How are continuous testing and automation testing different from each other?
  8. What role do Ansible and Puppet play in server management?
  9. Why do you need configuration management in DevOps?
  10. What are the fundamental differences between DevOps & Agile?

Best Practices for hiring DevOps Testing role

The role of DevOps Testing is here to stay as long as organizations want to have faster release cycles that are secure and data-driven. Since it is an evolving field, even hiring managers are perplexed about the right type of assessments for the role. 

Many video interviews suggest that recruiters are struggling to find quality talent for the role. While there is an acute talent shortage due to inadequate skills and experience, it must also be noted that most employers are still stuck in the traditional methods of hiring.

Hiring red flags like over-reliance on credentials than competencies and lack of advanced evaluation tools in skill assessments have severely limited the talent pool.

On the other hand, recruitment software like Glider AI takes candidate evaluation to the next level. Through a structured and standardized process, interviews are made candidate-friendly and also accurately assess skills and competencies. Hiring is not only bias-free but evaluated on real-world scenarios as well.

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